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On average, QuoTool increases visitors conversion ratio 3.7 times!
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Mortgage Leads
With Credit Repair Opt-in
Best choice for landing pages for first time home buyers, FHA, mortgage shoppers.
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Refinance Leads
With Property Valuation
For prospects looking to refinance, lower payment or to prevent foreclosure.
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Real Estate Leads
Home Seller Valuation
Automated estimate of the home value. With a bird's eye view for increased conversion.
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It Has Never Been Easier to Generate Leads

QuoTool Web Wizards are built to upgrade your mortgage, credit repair, or real estate websites into an ultimate clicks-to-leads and click-to-calls conversion machine.
With QuoTool your landing pages convert visitors to leads at an astonishing rate. Thoroughly tested, permanently updated, optimized for desktop and mobile, QuoTool Web Wizards work on any web page and in a blog post.
1. Get the Code
QuoTool Web Wizard is just one line of code to be added to your page. Get your unique code to start generating leads.
2. Copy to your page
Paste the code into your web page or a blog post html and click save. It can't be easier than that.
3. Get Leads & Calls
Visitors leave their contact info, dial your phone number. Leads get delivered to your email and CRM system.

You will be capturing 2-3X more leads!

QuoTool Wizard is just one line of code like this:
Don't see the type wizard you are looking for? We may create the one you need! Send us request now!
QuoTool is the only FREE tool that GUARANTEES more conversions for the same advertising budget!
2 250 692
Real-time leads generated. Cherry pick pioneers, one of the oldest leads providers.
12 870
Users: Mortgage, real estate, credit counseling, and loan mitigation professionals.
An average price to generate an exclusive lead using QuoTool & Google Adwords
Get Leads, Not Charges!
Other firms charge you for websites and forms that are inferior to ours. We give you same fine-art application forms we use ourselves to generate leads 100% FREE!
QuoTool Web Widgets can be 100% free with the advertising-supported plan. You can always switch to our no-ads plans - it's up to you!
It's not just a trick to place some third party ads on your pages: advertising is limited to steps that appear AFTER the contacts step is presented.
We generate leads for mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and financial advisors for more than a decade. We deliver thousands mortgage, real estate, and credit repair leads every day: non-stop 24/7, for 14+ years, since 2003.

It's easy to create best-converting landing pages and get more leads you need to grow your business!
Sign Up and Our Lead-Getting Secrets Are Yours!
Don't see the type wizard you are looking for? We may create the one you need! Send us request now!

Hungry for leads beyond standard plans? Certified professionals are at your service to build and manage your own state-of-the-art ppc campaigns!

With 30+ years of Microsoft Bing, Facebook, and Google Adwords cumulative experience, our team is right for the job. This service is an essential help to our price-conscious customers: the edge that they need to grow fast. If someone can drive potential customers to your landing pages - it's us!

Jump-Start your marketing campaign: Get fine-tuned Adwords campaigns and $450 worth of cherry-pick leads every month with our Enterprise plan.
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Questions About Our Web Wizards and Leads
RE Agent
Are your tools Free? How do you make money?
Yes, our FREE plan includes all three web wizards and it's not a trial. Increase your website pages conversion ratios 3-7 times absolutely free.
Free plan is advertising-supported: but ads are not shown to visitors until they get to the contacts step.
Other firms charge you for websites and forms that are inferior to ours. Click here to compare us with other providers.
credit counsellor
Do You Generate/Sell Leads?
YES! With 15+ years of leads generating experience, we developed QuoTool for you to generate your own leads and inbound calls at the cost we generate them ourselves or even lower. All you have to do is drive online traffic to the website, and we can help with that, too.
RE agent
How does QuoTool help me generate home seller leads?
QuoTool continuously updated home valuation web wizard fits into your web pages and turn your website visitors to leads and inbound calls at an astonishing rate. As far as we know, we are the only provider of free state-of-the-art home valuation tool.
William, mortgage agent
How good are the leads?
Leads are only as good as the agent who works them. You just follow up with a lead or a call the same way you would with a prospect you met in person. We turn clicks into valuable leads and inbound calls, and the agent turns these leads into deals.
mortgage agent
You sell tons of leads. Are the leads generated on my site go exclusively to me?
Yes. All the leads you get from your website or blog belong to you exclusively.
Margaret, marketing director
How you make money? Are you showing ads in web wizards or something?
If you go with our Free plan, we show third-party ads in a way that is not affecting your conversions. With paid plans, we show no ads.
  • NO LEADS, NO ADS. First, we show ads to visitors AFTER they fill out their contact information. We choose advertisers carefully so their ads are NOT COMPETING with services you provide.
  • Second, for some qualified accounts, we CAN show competing ads from our advertising network members to non-qualified and out of your service area website visitors. That may be ads from service providers like you but serving other areas, etc. This MAKES YOU MONEY.
  • Allowing competing ads is a way for you to make money. You don't have to choose this option, more, not everyone qualifies. Contact us to explore.
Margaret, marketing director
My site generates types of leads my agents can't deal with. Can you help me make money on such visitors?
Yes! Contact our team to learn more.
mortgage broker
I have my own web site and CRM. Can I use QuoTool:
- with my website?
- with my CRM?
Yes and Yes. QuoTool works on your existing website and posts leads to your CRM. More, with Enterprise Plan you can get a free website to use with your marketing campaigns. See if it converts better!
mortgage broker
Why your wizards will convert better than my pages?
Website visitors interact with landing pages that are:

- well built and adaptive;
- have clear call to action,
- look good on any device,
- provide immediate feedback and value in exchange for the contact information.

User habits, browsers, and devices change rapidly. Websites and landing pages that were OK 3 -5 years ago may not convert anymore. In fact, 95% forms we see online are obsolete, bad on mobile, require a lot more steps or fields than necessary, provide no value or feedback.

You may have a significant search and social presence but fail to deliver at the very last step - when the prospect needs an immediate and clear call to action that works well on the device he or she uses right now.

We generate leads
and inbound calls for sale using the very same tools we provide for you. To stay competitive, we continually update and improve our tools, so your online campaign keep delivering leads and calls.
Our Clients Say
I was buying GlobalDataUSA credit repair leads for years. Last month they rebuilt my website with QuoTool and put it into work with Adwords. I'm buying global leads anyway.
Sean Hui
Credit Repair business owner, California
QuoTool refinance wizard is nothing like I used before: it converts 6x more leads than any other solution I tried.
Samuel Willson
National Sales Director, Las Vegas, NV
I was paying RealGeeks over $200/month, and the only tool that worked for me was home sellers valuation. QuoTool placed it for free on my free website provided by Fox & Roach works, and it works just fine. My own new site, in addition to sellers & buyers valuations, also delivers refinancing quotes. My fellow mortgage brokers love them and send me buyers in exchange. No other tool can compete with that.
Marina Smirnova
No more web programmers. What a relief! Added landing pages to WordPress website, pasted my wizards and got twice more leads, not more drama.
Dan Evans
Mortgage Broker, Orlando FL
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